How to install Ghost - the Node.js blogging platform

I like the Ghost blogging platform. It is beautiful, have a great and ultra simple UI, is Open Source, and is created with Node.js.

On top of that Ghost focus 100% on it's blogging qualities, compared to Wordpress which turned into a CMS long ago.

It is rather simple to install aswell. Start with installing Node.js, if you have not done this already. To use Ghost you need the latest version of node.js, so use the #2 solution from my previous post. You can find it here.

Download the latest Ghost version with curl (-L is used because of a 3xx redirect, and -o writes the source to instead of stdout):
$ curl -L -o

Unzip the directory into the directory "ghost" (the -d flag):
$ unzip -d ghost

Change directory into the ghost directory:
$ cd ghost

Use npm to install the Ghost dependencies (defined in package.json):
$ npm install

You should be ready to start Ghost, so run index.js with Node:
$ node index.js

Ghost is by default running on port 2368. So access it at IP and port can be changed in config.js.

Have fun.


In some cases there is a few problems with getting npm to install sqllite from the Ghost projects package.json, and this may result in a error when trying to start the Ghost app ($ node index.js).

Fix this by installing sqllite3 manually with the following line:
$ npm install sqllite3