Great Apache 2.4 VirtualHost template

Great Apache 2.4 VirtualHost template for good performance setup. Standard configuration, logging, headers, compression, deflate, caching, and other stuff: <VirtualHost *:80> ServerAdmin administrator@ »

Juniper SRX CLI cheatsheet

Introduction Learning Juniper SRX at the moment. This cheatsheet was a part of my learning. About Juniper SRX »

A simple guide on logrotate

This is tested on CentOS 6.5, where logrotate is native. Can be installed on Debian-based distros aswell with: $ apt-get install logrotate Introduction Logrotate is a »

Some thoughts on Vagrant

Vagrant is great, because it makes it easy to share 100% identical development enviroments, and in general makes everything really consistent for your workflow with VM's. »